My New Year’s Wishes for School Principals and the Kids They Serve

I know what you’re thinking, New Year’s resolutions are ridiculous and unattainable! But, that can’t keep me for wishing for things that would make the lives of students, teachers and principals better.

So, here they are—MY seven wishes for 2017—for every overworked and under-resourced school principal on the planet.

Supply every school principal with a budget he/she deems worthy of the kids they serve.

Grant each and every school an instructional coach for every eight classroom teachers. These coaches are to focus exclusively on working with teachers to improve learning and teaching.

Provide each school with sufficient professional staff to promote the social, physical and emotional health of every student since we know that “intact”, healthy and resilient kids learn better.

Lengthen the school day to ensure that there is time for students to study the fine and applied arts , as well as participate in “extra curricular” activities.

Provide a full year moratorium from unfunded (or lightly-funded) state and federal mandates related to education.

Provide an additional one year moratorium on the high-stakes testing of kids and let’s see if anyone suffers.

Provide every student with a facility that’s as nice as a room in one of our President Elect’s 6 star hotels.

What would you add if this was your New Year’s Resolution and you were dreaming big for our children?

Wayne Ogden