ERC Keynote at NEASC

ERC Co-Founder Keynotes NEASC Showcase

ERC Co-Founder Dr. Larry Myatt was invited to present the Keynote remarks at the Fall High School Showcase of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges in October. Dr. Myatt who is currently working on projects in more than 20 schools in a dozen school districts chose to focus on the distractions and detours that, in his words, “have prevented high schools from fulfilling the promise of an unprecedented spate of new knowledge in critical fields –human development, cognition and neuroscience, inquiry-based teaching, organizational development, the link between resilience and achievement, to name a few”.

Dr. Myatt also expressed that a number of factors including the lack of imagination, declining professional standards, poor accountability thinking and an undue focus on the minutiae of standards and testing have detained efforts to improve our schools.  But, he posed,  as educators realize the lack of progress and the loss of what was once a monopoly, and reunite around student-centered learning and professional community, we are in a position to take three steps that have the potential to transform our schools –defining rigor, recreating our schools as learning organizations and taking control of the renewal agenda.

The NEASC event was held in Westford MA and was attended by three hundred educators, representing teams from across New England.