Fenway HS Featured in New Book on Hopes and Dreams of Latino Students in Boston

Fenway High School, winner of a Blue Ribbon Award, A 21st Century School award and a Break-Through HS award, and founded by Larry Myatt, is the subject of a new book by Steve Marantz of ESPN. Titled  "Next Up at Fenway: A Story of High School, Hope and Lindos Suenos" the book tells the story of a young man’s journey through and beyond a great American high school. As the dust jacket reads, “Marcos Baez had many loves. First was his mother. Next came baseball, Reggaeton, and bachata. A girl stole his heart. Then he realized a love greater still -- learning.” A story of inner city life, dreams and the school that made a difference.

Marantz’ story chronicles the origins of the school in the time of post-busing Boston, its struggles and important decisions and affiliations as it grew and came to excel, and brings the reader up to date with the school right next to  the Red Sox’ Fenway Park, the city and the culture that Marcos finds will change his life.  The book is available through Powell’s Books. (www.powells.com)

Sonia Chang-Diaz, Massachusetts State Senator writes: "Through the story of Marcos Baez and Fenway High School, Steve Marantz shows the humanity and prospects of Latino students in our nation's public schools. "Next Up at Fenway" gives us a window into how social forces and education policy decisions are playing out in real people's lives - for better and worse - within America's fastest growing demographic. This book is the story of how schools make a difference. It's both Americana and a reality check for the 21st century." -