The Cultural Force of 19th Century Japanese Baseball

Japanese immigrants to the United States were deeply familiar with baseball: Japan had embraced it in the late 1800s. During the Meiji Restoration leaders promoted baseball as a way to transform the image of Japan while facilitating international connections.

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  Grand Challenge: Valuing World Cultures

Shed light on the interconnections among world cultures.

Study historic and contemporary cultural and artistic heritage, with emphasis on the heritage, arts, indigenous knowledge and expressive systems, and contemporary art and design.

Add to knowledge of migrations, diasporas, and interactions of cultural groups.

Deepen our understanding of significant global political and historic patterns and events and their impact on humanity and the planet. 

Grand Challenge: Understanding the American Experience

Conduct research on historical migrations and diasporas to and within America and on the contemporary movements of people, art, artifacts, and cultural expressions that connect various world cultures to the American experience.

Use material culture and documentary collections to research and interpret national milestones and achievements; American life and national identity, cultural expression, the environment and changing landscape, and achievements in science and technology; political and military struggles; economic, scientific, technological, and cultural innovations; and artists and leaders that have defined the United States and the character of its people.

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ERC Grand Challenges: For project design, for inquiry, for activism.