Critical Science from Local Citizens

In Washington State, and elsewhere volunteer climate scientists study flowers for clues to changing conditions. On the front lines, the data they collect is helping researchers evaluate ecosystem change.

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Grand Challenge: Understanding and Sustaining a Biodiverse Planet

  • Improve understanding of and access to the biology and natural history of species - information that is lacking for the vast majority of species on the planet.

  • Increase knowledge of the evolutionary and ecological history of species and ecosystems, and the processes responsible for population declines and extinction.

  • Develop concepts, theories, tools, and models that contribute directly to halting biodiversity loss, managing species and their habitats, restoring ecosystems, and mitigating threats to the environment.

  • Understand how species interactions, climate change, habitat fragmentation, diseases, environmental contaminants, and invasions of exotic species affect the survival of species and the functioning of ecosystems.

  • Improve knowledge of the relationships between cultures and biological diversity over time in order to better sustain both.


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