African-American Civil War Veterans Created Their Own Town

After the Civil War, 18 veterans of the United States Colored Troops returned to Talbot County, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where their families had toiled for generations. But this time, they had a chance to create something their ancestors had been denied: a village of their own, where everyone was free.

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Understanding the American Experience

Conduct research on historical migrations and diasporas to and within America and on the contemporary movements of people, art, artifacts, and cultural expressions that connect various world cultures to the American experience.

Interpretation of the diverse communities of the United States, particularly African American, Latino, Asian Pacific American, and Native American, as well as the cultural interrelationships among these communities.


ERC Grand Challenges Network: for inquiry, for project design, for activism. 

Photo Credit: Gabriella Demczuk

Photo Credit: Gabriella Demczuk